Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're Seeing Spots!

Ladybug Web quest

By the end of this web quest, you will be able to explain the life cycle of the ladybug, describe where they live, describe what they eat, name their body parts and a few other interesting facts.  You will even discover there are many different kinds of ladybugs all around the world.

During your ladybug investigation you will:
  Examine the life cycle of the ladybug.
  Describe where ladybugs live.
  Describe what ladybugs like to eat.
Name the body parts of the ladybug.
Visit 2 websites to research additional information on ladybugs.
  Write a report describing all that you have learned about ladybugs and illustrate.

Your Job:
1.  Visit Enchanted Learning and see if you can figure out the four stages of development of a ladybug. Create a tree map of the four stages. Be sure to add important information under each stage. Turn tree map in to Ms. Daniels when you are done. 
2. Visit Have You Ever Wondered?  to see if you can find information about what you need to feed a ladybug.  Write at least 4 things that feed ladybugs and submit to Ms. Daniels.
3.  Write a report describing everything you have learned about ladybugs.  Be sure to include a picture.  Submit it to Ms. Daniels!
Good Luck!

Beginning1Developing2Good Job3Outstanding4
4 stages of development

You named 1 stage.

You named 2 stages.

You named 3 stages.

You named 4 stages.
Feeding a Ladybug 
You named 1 thing that feeds a ladybug.
You named 2 things that feeds a ladybug.
You named 3 things that feeds a ladybug.
You named 4 things that feeds a ladybug.
Label the Ladybug
You miss labeled 4 or more parts.
You miss labeled 3 parts.
You miss labeled 2 parts.
You correctly labeled the ladybug.


Your report includes some facts about the ladybug.

Your report makes sense and includes most required facts about the ladybug.

Your report makes sense, is neat and includes all required facts about the ladybug.

Your report makes sense, is neat and includes many extra facts about insect. You have exceeded the standard.


Congratulations!  Now you are a fabulous ladybug expert. You can share what you've learned tonight at home!


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